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About Me

Business Field Development for Knowledge Management in Canada and France

My publications written in French or English :
- Le KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT : Un retour sur investissement immédiat et durable

- Krach démographique 2010-2015 : quand le savoir-faire part à la retraite

- La gestion des connaissances, élément fondamental d'une économie de services

- Organiser l'intelligence Collective : Un atout Majeur pour un Développement Organisationnel Durable

- Donner du sens, du dynamisme et de l'interactivité à votre GPEC

- Dépasser les limites du tutorat classique grâce au tutorat spécifique métier

- Mettre en Place un espace collaboratif pour devenir une entreprise capitalisante

- Exit Interviews method

- Le Schéma Cognitif, l'ADN du savoir

- La Stigmergie pour entrer dans l'ère de la contribution

- La Cartographie Cognitive

- SeniorAgir
- Vivre FM


Senior Program Manager

Since April 2016
Responsibilities completed
  • Happy and motivated to promote and animate INNO'T the first international Consultech social platform. INNO'T, The platform to accelerate and foster collaboration between organizations and experts.
    The place for organizations to get advices on line and on demand.- The place for experts to increase business opportunities and reputation.

    To request an invitation contact me or follow this Link :

Social and Knowldege Management Organization Leader

Human Connect
March 2012 to March 2016
Responsibilities completed
  • Social and KM Organization Leader

    Development of business field Social Organization, Open Innovation and Knowledge Management
    - Commercial Activity
    • Surveys, Managing tender, Forums and events and web-conferences organizations

    - Training
    - Mindmapping
    - Knowledge Management strategies (BKnowledge Base, Knowledge Mapping, Knowledeg transfers)
    - Exit Interviews

    - Completion of missions Implementing Social Organization and Knowledge Management (France and Tunisia)
    - ARCELOR, Fret-SNCF, FMGC, Groupe IDEA, Groupe Réalités, INEXIA, Investorsbay, Mairie de Croissy, SNCF, SYSTRA, TOTAL, TUNISIANIA, Vu Par

Knowledge Management Program Leader

October 2006 to February 2012
Responsibilities completed
  • Development of business field Knowledge Management in Canada and France

    - Commercial Activity
    • Surveys, Managing tender, Forums and events and web-conferences organizations

    - Training
    - Knowledge Management for the dummies
    - How to animate a communuty of practise
    - Exit Interviews

    - Completion of missions implementing Knowledge Management strategies and Employment Senior Plan (France et Canada)
    17 Juin Média, AXA Canada, Banque De France, Banque Nationale Du Canada, BNP PARIBAS, TEVA, CBPQ, CETELEM,

Projects Manager, BFD

October 2005 to October 2006
Responsibilities completed
  • Leader of 2 reingineering IT projects for Cetelem in accordance with CMMI standard (13 000 working days) ·

    ∙ Team Leader of different skatehiolders
    - 12 team-members
    - 4 bussiness owners
    - Interface with development teams in Canada and France

Senior IT Architect, VIA RAIL - Montreal

VIA RAIL - Montréal
October 2004 to October 2005
Responsibilities completed
  • - Completion of the big Picture for architecture and applicative existing system ·
    ∙ Mapping systems, softwares, applications and stakeholders
    ·∙ Writing reports for presentation to the Steering Committee
    ·∙ Presentation of results and implementation of action plans

    - Software Assessment for a CMS solution (Livelink, Documentum)
Responsibilities completed
  • Completion of Business process reingineering in legal departments of several Real Estate companies .

    -Business process design to improve recovery rate (more than 30 % cash back )

    - Manage quality projects in accordance with ISO 9000-V2000 or NF standards

Chief Information Officer

October 1991 to October 2003
Responsibilities completed
  • Team leader of an IT team (35 team members) and to manage a budget of 3 000 K€.

    Reducing IT costs by 40 %.

    - To manage 4 headquarters moving (800 job positions) without stopping production
    - To integrate 5 takeovers in IT systems
    - To implement web sites and a call center
    - To develop process to achieve ISO 9000-V2000 certification

Information Technology Manager

October 1989 to October 1991
Responsibilities completed
  • - Project Manager for IT reingineering project·∙

    - IT production supervisor.

Projects Manager

October 1977 to October 1989
Responsibilities completed
  • - 1985-1989 Projetc Manager - Design and Technical and Procurement Departments

    - 1982-1985 Database Admisnistrator

    - 1977-1981 : Business Analyst - Water networks suply computation